The best baseball lamp for those who love the game most ardently
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The best baseball lamp for those who love the game most ardently

Lamps are of significant use in our houses especially Baseball Lamp. Not only do they illuminate the room in darkness but they also serve as beautiful and decorative pieces. Many people prefer a dim light at night to do their work or share a cup of coffee with a friend. Sometimes, we prefer to adjust our eyes to the darkness and for that lamps are a must.

There are many baseball lovers out there, completely crazy about the game. They have t-shirts reading the name of their favorite team, signed bats, and autographs of the players they are mad at. A baseball lamp is another piece they would love to have in their sports themed rooms.

Your room is your personal space, and you want to fill it with everything you love. How wonderful does it feel when everything in your room represents a part of you? From walls covered with posters of all the things of baseball to the lamp on the table, many people prefer doing up rooms with only a few standard things that represent them. If you are a minimalist who adores baseball deeply, you can subtly express your love by placing a graceful sporty lamp on your bedside cabinet. Liven up your lighting with Baseball Lamp Shade.

ImageProduct DetailsPriceOur Ratings
DEI Stacked Baseball Lamp$$4.9 Out of 5
ORE International 31604BB 15H Baseball Table Lamp$$4.7 Out of 5
Style Craft Baseball Theme Lamp$$4.5 Out of 5
Signature Design by Ashley L815714 Sports Table Lamp$$4.8 Out of 5
ORE International 604BB Ceramic 60-Watt Baseball Table Lamp$$4.7 Out of 5
Baseball Desk LampCross Lite Baseball Series LED Desk Lamp, Chrome$$4.4 Out of 5

With almost everything coming in a multitude of designs and styles, no wonder baseball lamps are a thing.Like all other lamps, these throw a calm light in the room, giving a distinctly relaxing feel to you. Above all, they are adorned with plastic or ceramic baseballs matching the personality of a ball aficionado smoothly.

If you are a baseball enthusiast, then a baseball lamp is what you need for your room. Whether you want a baseball floor lamp that stands proudly at the corner in your room or a baseball bat lamp that sits elegantly on your bedside table these lamps are a work of art.

If you have a son, husband, friend or just anyone in your life who is obsessed with this game, a baseball lamp can be an ideal gift for them. One sitting on the dresser or side table will enhance the overall appearance of the room. Along with brightening the room, it would also make the room a lot more personalized.

These lamps come in several different layouts. All of them would appeal to a sports fan, but not all of them are of high-end quality. Many of these though look very chic, but are not of top-notch quality. What is the use of a lamp that fuses every now and then or is too fragile? One hit of your arm aimed at your side table while you sleep, and the lamp would crash and break!

A quality baseball night lamp would have a firm base that would be robust and broad enough to support the weight of its branch, bulb, and shade. It would have a bulb that would cast an appropriate glow in the room; the light nor too bright neither too dim.

When you go out to the store to buy a baseball night light, you might get overwhelmed by a number of attractive designs and styles that these come in. Here is a list of the best baseball lamps for all those who are passionate about the sport. These are not only first-class in the looks department but also have impressive features. All of these are durable and come at affordable prices.

DEI Stacked Baseball Lamp

Stacked Baseball LampIt has a sturdy wooden base. On it, one ceramic baseball is stacked over another. The baseballs, though made of ceramic, have a very real feel to them as they have a smeared look like they have been played with. The shade is made of fabric that is attached to plastic on the inside.

The height of the Baseball lamp is more than that of an average lamp, which helps light to cover more area. The dimensions of this lamp are 13.5 x 13.5 x 23 inches, and it has a weight of 2.6 pounds.

An additional quality is that it does not require batteries for functioning, nor is automated, but it requires to be manually switched on and off.

The design is both smart and adorable. The color of the shade is a beautiful white with blood red simple and elegant threadwork. The baseballs are in a unique light brown-white shade, with dull red enhancing the design. The wooden foundation is in a rich brown color. Each color in the components of this lamp goes with another, giving it an overall snazzy yet rough appearance.

This DEI lamp will look excellent in the room of even an adult. The sporty style stands out with a subtle design. A night lamp that is delightful at a reasonable price.


ORE International 31604BB 15H Baseball Table Lamp

This lamp is a fantastic addition to your living room, playroom or kids’ room. A lamp is a great piece to decorate the room, and the ORE International

Baseball Lamp

 Baseball Table Lamp is the one that stands out.

The baseball theme of the lamp beautifully lights the room along with complementing your hobby. Mix and match the baseball table lamp with the theme of your room and have a fascinating addition to the room.

The ORE International 31604BB 15H Baseball Table Lamp is made of polyresin. It is a resin compound material that is sturdy by its nature, can be molded in intricate patterns and makes for a durable material.

The Baseball Table Lamp from the house of ORE requires a standard bulb of 60 watts for lighting purposes. This way you would not have to worry about getting a particular bulb for your lamp as is the requirement of many appliances.

This baseball lamp has a traditional style and comes in multiple colors with a black finish. The lampshade is white in color, and its material is linen. Light emitted from the lamp goes both up and down in directions.

ORE’s 15H Baseball Table Lamp weighs not more than 8.9 pounds and is suitable for residential purpose. Hence, the lamp makes for an excellent addition to your room or a remarkable gift to a dear one.


Style Craft Baseball Theme Lamp

Since 1968, Style Craft has been producing high-end quality products of lighting, wall décor, and other home accessories that have an air of elegance Baseball Theme Lampto them. Style Craft began as a small company in Southaven, Mississippi and has risen to international standards over time. The secret of its success lies in quality products coupled with intricate detailing and affordable pricing.

The Baseball Theme Lamp is the best choice for folks who have a liking for wooden finishes that add warmth and delicacy with a touch of antiquity. Style Craft’s lamp is made of polyresin that is durable and lightweight with the lamp weighing not more than 3 pounds.

The table lamp is shaped like a baseball bat. Topped with a perfect Little Leagues baseball decal and a realistic wooden tone finish, this baseball lamp is ready to add beauty to any room.

The baseball lampshade is made of linen and looks gorgeous with the Brussels off-white color. It has a fine leather baseball stitching in red, a color that stands out on its background.

The Style Craft Baseball Theme Lamp uses a rotary switch for functioning. Moreover, a 2-way, 100-watt bulb is needed for lighting the lamp.

The shade has dimensions of 6 x 12 x 9.5 inches with overall measurements being 12D x 12W x 22.75H inches. Durable, with moderate pricing this table lamp from Style Craft Home Collection is a great way to add warmth and functionality to your home.


Signature Design by Ashley L815714 Sports Table Lamp

Looking for a lamp that has expensive looks, muted colors with a matte finish and a unique design? Opt for the Sports Table Lamp L815714 from the Sports Table Lamphome collection of Signature Design by Ashley without a second thought. It is the coolest choice for your room, or any sports themed room.

The expensive looks will not cost you a bomb; rather the table lamp is highly affordable. Without having to spend a large sum of bucks, you can get a unique lamp for your side table or dresser. Deceiving looks and cheap rates are probably the second things that pop into one’s mind. But that is a mantra that goes against the Signature Design by Ashley L815714 Sports Table Lamp, as it is made of durable polyresin material.

The L815714 Sports Table Lamp weighs 6.5 pounds and measures 11.5 inches in width, 24 inches in height and has a diameter of 11.5 inches. At the same time, the lampshade is hardback.

Signature Design by Ashley L815714 Sports Table Lamp is available in brown color. The stand is a stunner that gains major points to the lamp. It is composed of three different balls in the stand viz a basketball, a baseball, and a football. Altogether, the lamp is a cool addition to the room with high-quality and a superb look. It is a purchase that you would never regret.


ORE International 604BB Ceramic 60-Watt Baseball Table Lamp

Ceramic Baseball Table LampThe ORE International 604BB Ceramic Table Lamp is a cute, glossy baseball-inspired lamp to lighten your room. A round baseball stand makes the most of the lower body with a plain lampshade having red outlines at the extreme up and down ends.

Manufactured in 2 colors, white and cream, the classic baseball table lamp is made of ceramic molded into a round shape of the ball with a glossy finish.

The on/off switch is mounted on the neck. As the name suggests, the standard 60-watt bulb is used in the ORE International 604BB Ceramic 60-Watt Baseball Table Lamp. A sturdy base insures tip-free usage.

The baseball lamp from ORE International is made of good quality, durable material and is lightweight. It weighs 2.8 pounds, which is exceptionally light. The lamp is approximately 12 inches in height and has a diameter of about 10 inches.

Cross Lite Baseball Series LED Desk Lamp


If you are fed up with the yellow light from round bulbs that consume more power and do not suit your lighting preferences, then the LED Desk Lamp from Cross Lite Baseball Series is the right solution to all your troubles. It is a must-have baseball-inspired lamp for any baseball fan.Baseball Desk Lamp

The Cross Lite Baseball Series LED Desk Lamp is a sophisticated choice for lamp lovers. It has a sleek, high-quality metal body in silver color with a chrome finish. Additionally, the design is worldwide patent-protected.

The source of lighting is a 3 watts LED light with a long lifespan and excellent color consistency. The color temperature is 3000K with no flickering or ghosting.

Owing to its exceptional color consistency and elegant look, this lamp from Cross Lite Baseball Series is fit for use not only in homes but also in offices. Reading, writing, working or drawing are all the more fun with this baseball-inspired lamp.

With its adjustable positions, this LED Desk Lamp is all the more efficient to serve as the best lighting source for any and every purpose. The Cross Lite lamp can be easily altered to different postures with two adjustable angles.

There is a slight switch for turning the lamp on and off. Overall, the height of the assembled desk lamp equals to about 10 inches. The weight of this product from Cross Lite is 3 pounds. Its light is directed downward and is adequate for efficient lighting for reading and working.

The Cross Lite Baseball Series LED Desk Lamp is an unbeatable option for a stroke of grace to your modern lifestyle, blending well with your passion for the game of baseball. If you loved this  then you will surely love baseball chair, baseball rugs too